The right side of the brain blood clot and scar the court of origin seems almost paralyzed actor Rain

Myanmar Sorry wisdom in the film industry. To date, a successful academic Sorry successful in many princes in the world, but the actor diamond Din and grandson actor, the actor Win Myanmar Sorry reached the success of the world’s leading actor. Today, the legacy of the actor’s successor emergence of an actor can get. He was actor diamond Din’s grandson, Actor lied to the court of his father, actor Rain’s the style of the court process.

And the court said parents and grandparents can tread in the footsteps of someone who has received strong encouragement to the congregation. Prince of Rain (1984), seven (7) were originally born on September falls in this month’s birthday (8) years ago to talk about passing a depression talk to encourage fans birthday was shared with fans. (8) years ago, the court style of roof on the right side of the brain blood clot and had to fall leg scar is his worst days. A scar, but fortunately I was the brain did not grow blood vessels and brain.

Tongue, legs, hands can not work because music can not, can not, The money than others, so I had to try (4) times. Nyan child had been walking a child was also told. At that time, I understand more words that I can stand on its feet after the great tragedy, sad story is a lesson best attitude was to be a bad person, but through (75%) better. “My stroke is nothing to say it continues to meet someone who still intact do not depressed, Unhappiness experienced person to be treated like a ladder to success, “advises fans said.

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