Female singer bored a hole in the ceiling of a house to rob a knife support

Insein Slytherin housing (2) of the budding women living in the house was visited by the same broad daylight in a log with a knife because phone revenues pillaging the September 21 attacks were reported over 10 hours of the morning. The ambush happened 10  robbery did not know because I was not lucky.

I tell you the process because Insein Pauktaw Slytherin House 2 Room 8 on the top floor floor ceiling, there are. 10 while I slept in the room, there’s an empty room at the front of the bedroom I entered the room through the ceiling. It is not signed into the bedroom checker  Sounds drawing a walk and a knife in the head with the lower half of the face of clothing line that’s running under your hand with a knife and fled the fighting threatened to try to kill your knife blade knife home and so I have first hand, so to speak.

One if the thief is still on the ceiling and his team said they would kill if I’ll kill her resistance can asked to update the chart does nothing to apologize again to say nothing for the people running the whole trembles me on the bed, the order because it had been burned mouth of the bases Off-line with a clothes closet  then scrambled the top end trembles purse money bag 2 added huawei730 phone.

I take back the tall from the East Room, I’ll kill myself and threatens me I was struggling cables from the foul line disconnected pull tab pages within a few minutes can help if the thief does not, housing, security and police arrived and showed me what the body seems to be some known I fear the wine experience really frightened when they were not only the murderer thought he really go to a knife and stabbed me is still afraid of thinking myself.

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