The world’s second-richest man is interested to purchase the AC Milan

The world’s second-richest man AC Milan association preparing to purchase 890 million pounds, reports reported. Bernard Romanov (Bernard Arnault) is a famous fashion company Louis Witt (Louis Vuitton), tonnes A champagne company Don Harris Annan and 68 other trademark owners. July (Forbes) magazine released its list of the world’s richest, a French Bernard Romanov is owned by the 86 billion pounds of mass shows.

He was eager to buy a football club AC Milan, his main target. AC Milan, a team like the prospect Bernard Romanov, if only to buy the team and transfer budget Academy, Regarding sponsorship contracts, plans to invest heavily.

But starting in 2017 to buy AC Milan E. Lee  management team (Elliot Management) is not interested to sell the team. I was rejected in the recent period, more than 500 million pounds offer. History In the traditional big AC Milan last year because of the Serie A season contest, lost opportunity to play Champions League.

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