The grid of the invention may be blocked from home Barcelona

Athletic striker grid of the invention to obtain prior approval before permission was detected Barcelona menu would be punishable by up to a low closure rings has been in Spain, according to the source. Athletic squad, the French striker and the agreement was signed Fritz Mann described his departure to compensation of £ 177 million on July 1, although reduced by up to 106 million pounds as well.

Before falling value of the contract compensation grid of Mann since the signing of Barcelona agreed earlier Athletic accused. On Fritz Mann at last summer from Athletic, who has moved to Barcelona from £ 106 million. Barcelona violated rules of the grid because Mann signing Barcelona team is below the home menu Athletic said it had been asked to shut down the venue.

In 2017 during the Catalan region is holding its own independence referendum, unrest broke out in October 2017 in Barcelona, ​​while Max and played in the club menu without assembly bracket with a low long-awaited game. Despite some problems fields of Barcelona in the grid of Mann’s rings Villa.
No harm either. He scored a 5-2 win, scoring 2 goals.

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